VII. Office of General Affairs

A. Object:

1. Provide comprehensive general services with teamwork, innovation and efficiency.

2. Build a warm campus of high quality, humanities and applied sciences.

B. Goals:

1. Make a platform of general services support to promote an e-operation management mode and provide services with high quality and efficiency.

2. Modernization, human-based operation and online check of school documents management.

3. Build a top and warm campus. Provide the entire school with complete life and learning environment.

4. Increase the administrative efficiency of revenue and expenditure; insure its security.

5. Show human-based building, fulfill the effects of quality, develop the function of room, strengthen the maintenance of use, promote gender equality and clean sustainable campus.

6. Make complete rules of property management and fulfill the principle of equal accounts.

7. Set up modernization and human-based operation of campus network security, show the aspect of miscellaneous service and provide a safe, harmonious, top learning field.

C. Summary:

Office of General Affairs is related to administration in Yuntech. To fulfill the requirement of teaching, research and life in hardware construction and miscellaneous administrative affairs, there are six sections: documents and files section, business affairs section, cashier division, construction and maintenance section, property management section and campus guard squad. They are responsible for documents portfolio, beautifying, purchasing, cashier, construction, properties safekeeping and campus security.

D. Organization:

There are a director and a secretary in charge of general affairs in dean’s office. The Office of General Affairs comprises six sections including a team leader in every section in addition to the campus guard squad. They are:

1. Documents and Files Section:

a. Establish rules of documents management

b. Receipt and categorization of mails and goods

c. Registry and dispatch of school documents

d. School documents and portfolio management

e. Seals affixing

f. Advance the modernization of school document management

2. Business Affairs Section:

a. Conduct the miscellaneous purchase of labor and financial affairs and bid over ten thousand.

b. Clean and maintenance of school environment

c. Management and withdrawal of petty cash

d. Management of worker and human affairs

e. Labor Insurance and National Health Insurance affairs

f. Verify school staff’s traffic subsidies

g. Afforest and beautify campus and landscape

h. Civil defense corps and good neighbor in the community

i. Management of conference rooms

j. Dispatch public vehicles

k. Recruit and supervise the restaurant and bookstore.

l. Recruit and supervise the labor work of school public territories.

m. Miscellaneous examination

n. Handle the bills of telecommunication, gas, copy machines and newspaper.

o. Support the activities and affairs of the whole school.

3. Cashier Division:

a. Payment of various funds

b. Income tax processing

c. Various payments of school staff’s payroll and others wages

d. Receive and refund the fees of Students’ registration

e. Withhold and declare various taxes

f. Management of marketable securities and custody of goods and accounts handling

g. Supply the online payment of contract manufacturers

h. Verify and make Daily Report, Monthly Report and different account explanation sheet.

i. Dispatch funds

4. Construction and Maintenance Section:

a. Formulation and execution of the whole campus

b. Formulation and execution of the year’s construction

c. Planning, choosing architect, supervising and examining of major construction

d. Maintenance of miscellaneous facilities

e. Maintenance of water, electricity, air-conditioning and fire faculty equipment’s systems

f. Maintenance and support of various activities

5. Property Management Section:

a. Acquisition, change, depreciation of land ownership and management of land improvement

b. Entering new placement, transferring and discarding university properties

c. Registration, movement, repair, scrap, inventory of properties

d. Make the Belongings Change Monthly Report, Value Inventory, Detail Ledger, properties catalog, and property depreciation and amortization

e. Campus management and designing

f. Management of on-campus dormitories for official purposes

g. Verification of house loan application by staffs

h. Management of on-campus dormitories for guests and instructors

i. Purchasing and administrating university consumables

6. Campus Guard Squad:

a. Campus security

b. School entrance control and protection over school properties

c. Management of vehicles violation, traffic control and vendor banning

d. Handling of incidents threatening campus safety

e. Visitors’ Registration, conveyance and guidance

f. Cooperation with local police on campus security

g. Verifying and notification of police’s investigation on campus and evidence collection

h. Safety of school activities, meeting and other affairs

i. Accidents handling and Matters assigned announcing

E、Future Prospects:

  1. Implement core values, “Sincerity, Honor, Perseverance and Originality and provide the general service with manners, working and innovation.
  2. In response to the new generation of document, actively cooperate with the government and promote “Document Management Modernization Plan”. Achieve the goal of new and simple document with institutionalization, standardization, technology and establish paperwork processes to improve administrative efficiency of organization operation.
  3. In collaboration with characteristics of development for each department, design the planting landscape of department to show the characteristics of landscape for each department. Make a plan of exquisite campus for students to lean in a better and visual environment. Achieve the goal of teaching and learning.
  4. Abide by procurement policies and laws, a well procurement system. Establish complete rules and operating procedures, train professional human of procurement and strengthen procurement team.
  5. Continue to promote our school to become green university. According to the plan of energy conservation and management, proceed to carbon reduction on campus. Implement transformation plan of carbon reduction and use the characteristics of beautiful environment for our school into the sustainable concept and as a low-carbon demonstration school.
  6. Update the job management system of cashier. Make full use of campus network to keep all incomes. Management and use school funds effectively and flexibly. Combine each payment with bank electronic security transferring system and directly remit money to payee. It is the best service for teachers and students to shorten the time of payment and raise the payment efficiency, ensure the security of payment and protect the payee’s rights.
  7. According to the concept of the school overall plan, continue the plan of construction and establish gender equality and clean sustainable campus. Use social resource to strive for subsidies of construction. Conduct the plan of renewing school to meet the needs of school development. Integrate with electricity, water, fire and other system to intelligent building management. Effectively maintain the facilities and ensure the regular operation to support the academic affairs, school affairs and other activities.
  8. Improve and enhance the function of computer management system for property. Expect management operation of property to connect with other system in the future. Possess the function of information flow and sharing to reduce the repeat operations.
  9. Build digital dynamic surveillance systems of campus security and emergency systems. Enrich, update and maintain the safety equipment and facilities to ensure mobility and ability to deal with emergencies and improve the service efficiency of campus security.
  10. Establish defense mechanism with the area police station and set up “Police Support Agreement”. Combine with local police resources to strengthen the maintenance of campus security. Regularly conduct “security maintenance training of protective group” to implement the emergency response capabilities of sudden and unexpected event and disaster crisis for teachers and students and to reach the “safe without fear” and top campus.

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