>Duties and Responsibilities
◆ Dean of General Affairs: Wan, Terng-Jou
Extension: 2400
Direct line: 05-5312050
E-mail: agx@yuntech.edu.tw
Duties and Responsibilities:
  1. Obey president’s order to handle all businesses of Office of General Affairs
  2. Temporary assignments
Deputy: Li, Ling-Hui

◆ Secretary:Li, Ling-Hui
Extension: 2401
E-mail: leelw@yuntech.edu.tw
Duties and Responsibilities:
  1. Assist Dean of General Affairs in handling comprehensive business and projects
  2. Assist Dean of General Affairs in cooperating with Administrative Offices to promote all businesses successfully
  3. Handle comprehensive business of Office of General Affairs
  4. Convene and conduct meetings
  5. Budget Control of Office of General Affairs
  6. Temporary assignments
Deputy: Ms. Chang, Shu-Hua

◆Worker: Chang, Shu-Hua
Extension: 2402
E-mail: changhua@yuntech.edu.tw
Duties and Responsibilities:
  1. Serve tea and keep the environment clean
  2. General affairs and related business
  3. Supports of large-scale events of the school
  4. Temporary assignments
Deputy: Ms. Li Mei-Hui

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