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  • Please write the mailing address in detail (for example, No.123 University Road, student Chang, O-Ming of OO department or to student Wang, O-Ying living in A2-215 room of dormitory, No.123-1 University Road) to avoid troubles during delivery. Mails or packages without clear labels for successful delivery will be returned. Hope all students could cooperate. According to No. 0990400689 document registered as National Yunlin University of Science and Technology on November, 5th, 2010, shipping company others than post office should directly send mails or packages to each unit or communicate with the recipients to sign for confirming the receiving. Click here to see the related official documents.
  • As a foreign letter/parcel arrives in the "Documents and Files Section", the staff in charge starts the distribution according to the addressee information provided on the letter/parcel. Only when the information is incorrect or not clear will the item be sorted to the lost property section. All the foreign letters/parcels that will be delivered to the lost property section are not registered items. If an item you are expecting has been lost or delayed, please go to the website to confirm if it has arrived in the “Documents and Files Section”. At the “Documents and Files Section” we want to deliver a service to the highest standard. If any inconvenience has been caused, please accept our sincere apology.
  • The durations for receiving the shipments: from the date notifying for receiving, 3 days for express and prompt registered mails, 7 days for other registered mails and packages. Please pay attention to the receiving time period
  • You must bring your student cards or other valid documents while receiving registered letters or shipments. If you ask others to receive your shipment, he or she should bring his or her own student card to ensure the rights of recipients via confirming the identity of recipients. If you have any problem, please contact with Documentation Division (Extension 2415).
  • Shipments with detailed dormitory address will be sent to Student Mail Processing Center (basement of C2 student dormitory) to make it convenient for students to get mails. The telephone extension number of Dormitory Student Mail Processing Center is 2318. Welcome to contact us.

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