>Management Regulations
Management Regulations Files
● Directions for procurement procedures  
● Hierarchical responsibility table for procurement procedures  
● Error patterns for government procurement of Public Construction Commission Executive Yuan  
● Example: Standardized Operation Procedures and Control Directions for Procurement Business of Public Construction Commission Executive Yuan
● Venue and Facilities Management Fees  
● Borrowing of places, equipment, water, and electricity and the corresponding charges standard tables  
● Notice for use of the conference venue  
● Management directions for the income and expenditure as well as places and equipment  
● Operation directions for schools and each institute in central government to purchase or lend services vehicles  
● Stereotyped contract sample for the renting of tour buses-Complied and printed by Ministry of Transportation and Communication  
● Notices for Official Vehicles Leasing of School  
● Transportation information  
● Provision of service vehicles  
● Transportation fee  
Transport timetable
● Precautions for renting vehicles for transportation in extracurricular teaching activities  
● Vehicles management regulations  
● Vehicle Management Manual  
● Vehicle Management Manual_Appendix  
● Management Directions for the landscapes and plants in campus  
● Principles for handling the communication fees of mobile phones of NYUST  
● Regulations about the operations of requests for purchasing and equipping air conditioners  
● Terms and conditions for photocopiers  
● Operation procedures for measures to prevent typhoon  

Related regulations about janitors and technicians Files
● Working regulations for janitors  
● The amendment of “Promotion of Measures to Replace Manual Workers at Public Schools of Central Competent Authorities”  
● Standards for the quota of janitors in each level of public school  
● Management directions for janitors  
● Review directions for replacing janitors with technicians  
● Leave regulations for government employees  
● Assessment and evaluation points for janitors  
● Explanation for the application for each welfare, benefit and mutual assistance  
● List showing the standards and payments for janitors while extending working hours  
● Organizational procedures for the Janitor Retirement Reserves Supervision Committee  
● Stipulations for the issues of service commemorative medals for janitors  
● Instructions for using the system of janitors’ overtime payment in vacation  
● Reference principles for janitors’ remunerations  

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