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a. Water Conservation Program Implementation


1.Drawing tertiary treated effluent from wastewater treatment plant to the groundwater system

2.For reservoir replenishment

3.To use as campus landscape watering

b.Water Recycling Program Implementation

Wastewater Treatment Plant

Reclaimed Water Recycle System ( for student dormitories)


The amount of recycled wastewater of wastewater treatment plant can reach 600 tons per day, which accumulates to an annual water conservation of 180,000-220,000 m3. The wastewater treatment plant is utilized for campus landscape watering, fire-fighting water supply, reservoir replenishment, and toilet flushing in all 15 student dormitories. Water supply costs $1-3 per m3. The school dormitories can save an average of 30,000-40,000 m3 in water consumption, and has achieved the purpose of water conservation.

Waste Water Installation

Recycled Water Used


In our campus, the treatment of sewage treated as extended aeration process. The recycle-water used as landscape water, fire water-supply, artificial lake, and toilet flush in our dormitory.

c.The Use of Water Efficient Appliances (Water tap, toilet flush, etc)

Automatic sensor toilet flush valve and automatic sensor faucet water conservation facilities.


We have adopted water saving facilities in order to reduce water consumption in order to abide by the water conservation policy set by the Water Resources Agency, Ministry of Economic Affairs.

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