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3. Recycles of reclaimed water to protect the environment

The reclaimed water utilization system in campus is to process the urban sewage to reach certain water quality standards and use the reclaimed water repeatedly in non-drinking water and water without contacts with human bodies. The main use of reclaimed water is for flushing toilets, garden irrigation, road moisturizing, car washing, fountains, water used in promenade facilities, and water for cooling down equipment. There is also billboards hanging above faucets for watering. (Saying that the secondary waterway providing reclaimed water for watering flowers only and cannot be used as water to drink or washing hands)

In the early stage of establishment, school already planned sewage collection pipeline system and set a sewage treatment to process the sewage produced by students and faculty in daily lives with biological extension aeration method. The sewage is firstly processed by secondary extension aeration method and part of the processed sewage is further proceeded thirdly. Then the processed water will be recycled to groundwater supply system to replace the original groundwater to serve as the water used in landscaping, firefighting, artificial lakes, and flushing of toilets in student dormitories. The recycle rate of sewage is about 60% to 70% every year.




Green YunTech

1. Establish solar energy system on roofs

In response to the government’s Renewable Energy Program to establish green energy-saving and low carbon production environment, in addition to promoting an exemplary university of low carbon and making an energy-saving management plan, our school utilized idle roof space since 2012. With the application of private resources and capitals and equipment provided by manufacturers, roof-type solar power generation system (495.88kWp) was installed on the roofs of Engineering Building 1, 4, Administration Building, Information Center, International Conference Hall and Auditorium.

Roof-type solar power generation system can effectively isolate the heat energy from the roof and effectively reduce the indoor temperature to reduce the electricity consumption. Renting the idle space on top floor can effectively activate school assets and earn about 700,000 NTDs for school funds every year. Also, teaching and research equipment for photovoltaic system with values near 100 million NTDs was added to intensify the cultivation of talents, research and development of green industry, innovations, exhibition, and promotion. This arouses the environmental awareness of students, faculty, and neighbors in neighboring communities, which shows positive demonstration and functions in green environmental protection education.

Energy Saving Effect: The totally estimated output values of the 20-year project is about 46 million NTDs and it is estimated to generate 12,000,000 kWp electricity, which can be regarded as reducing 6522 metric tons of carbon production, equivalent to the carbon dioxide consumed by 530,000 trees for 20 years.


2. Establish green campus-campus landscape

The school area for our campus is about 58 hectares. The overall plan for the campus is consummated and there are always blooming flowers and green grass in every season to provide students and faculty with beautiful learning environment. In addition to emphasizing both the software and hardware construction in campus planning to support teaching, researches, learning, the environmental education functions are more important. Promotion of the artistic and green landscaping works in campus and sparing no efforts in the maintenance of ecology in campus by Office of General Affairs and all the students and faculty in school could actively create excellent and beautiful learning environment to develop the beauty of campus landscaping together.


人文殿堂 - 親情

Our school carefully maintains the quality of campus by introducing the art center with art works in the outdoor public spaces and spaces inside the buildings to shape the characteristics of campus landscape. Sculptures could shape the space beauty in the green and vast campus and students, faculty, and visitors could appreciate the beauty of sculptures as a form to get close to arts. This not only provides opportunities for environmental education but also bring arts into the campus to reach the goal of creating artistic atmospheres in campus. Students and faculty have the accesses to appreciate and get close to arts and even can contact arts. This became parts of campus life and can elevate the artistic and cultural levels to reach the realm of “making arts become your life and making your life artistic”. Plenty of trees and flowers in campus not only provide students, faculty, and personnel with best living environments but also attract neighboring residents to exercise and recreate in our campus. Many classic backgrounds in wedding photography are also from our campus. This cultivates the temperaments of both students and faculty and broadens their minds. Moreover, this also shows quite efficiencies in the perspective of attracting residents in neighboring communities to join in.

校園藝術品 - 設計 DNA

校園藝術品 - 太初

3. 9 landscapes of YunTech

To manage the green campus and community education environment and extend campus education to the exterior zones and inspire both the students and faculty in mind level, the Nine Landscapes are created in the main entrance, bell tower, big turf, lotus pond, Yun Meng Lake, Rotary Park, YunTech Cloud Tower, Longtan Green tunnel and Time capsule area. Via the introduction of environment in every attraction and image shaping, students could learn in cheerful environment. Through the combination with community activities, campus education could thus expand. The green construction results are shared by students, faculty, and community. Every student or visitor can be inspired or touched in mental level from environments in campus to reach the environmental education goals.

●“Vivification”- Image creation area on the main entrance

To shape the images for landscapes in campus, the scene visitors see after entering the main entrance are pool fountain with eight diagrams in traditional Chinese Culture covering Taiji. These public works of art symbolize the continuously changing Taiji. The continuation of vision is Central Square with axis trail to enter Activity Center. There are gigs lawns in the both sides of the main entrance, which symbolize the open mind of our school.

雲湧八方Vivification - 八卦水池

●“Spirit of YunTech”- Music regions in bell tower

The Learning Center combines the architecture features of Romanesque Auditorium and overhanging plants of library. The Bell Tower becomes the spiritual fortress symbol of YunTech in campus since students’ activities including weekly meetings, school anniversary, social activities, and graduation ceremonies are all held here. There are stone tables and chairs as well as leisure art tables and chairs around and under the trees to extend the browsing and discussion spaces from library to outdoor. Listening to the music from the Bell Tower, and the sounds of water near International Conference Hall and Library. with the accompany of bell rings, we continue our daily learning lives by lighting the torch of school sports competition, throwing celebrations and fairs, school anniversary, and taking photos in graduation ceremonies. Here is the place we share our memories. Here is our spiritual benchmark.

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