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●“Green art prairie” - Big turf art teaching region

Big turf, combining the planning ideas of teachers from Department of Space Design to create the extending visual feelings and letting the teaching spaces broaden to corridor, atrium, and turf instead of limited to only classroom, is one of the main characteristics of our campus landscaping. This could let students experience learning in different spaces.

青青大草原 - 悠雲大道藝術品


●Lotus Pond of The Clouds-Aquatic plants in lotus pond Recreation areas with landscape

Blooming lotuses of YunTechin Lotus Ponds will amaze you. When it comes to mid-May, the blooming seasons for lotus, there will be lotus sketch competition by the poolside of Lotus Pond held buy Art Center. Musicians and people from neighboring communities will be invited to participate in this spiritual art festival.

Taste coffee and admire the beauty of lotus in “The Clouds”. There are little bridge and stones to connect to the island in the middle of pond. There are trees and flowing water on the island, where the white geese resting in. There is another ecological area in the forest zones next to the pond. The coffee house behind the glass wall is the place for residents, students, and teachers to chat and talk.

●“Yun Meng Lake” - Ecological Scenic Area

There was no name for the lake in the early stage of campus establishment. The lake, originally called artificial lake, was formed by the ditches while widening for irrigation. Members of Graduate Student Association thought it was a pity that there was no name for the lake and initiated naming activity for the lake in 1999. “Yun Meng Lake” was selected as the name for the lake since the name inspires alumni to chase their dreams and ideals. Crystal pool water makes viewers to wander with relaxed and happy moods. There are ducks, geese, and fish swimming in the “Yun Meng Lake”. Lantana camara blooms along with lake trail. Professional faculty and teachers in both Department of Space Design and Department of Construction planned to flow the purified reclaimed water in the lakes with waterways to restore natural ecology.

Vision Gallery : To provide a place to exhibit the innovations energy-saving lectures and energy saving results, our school self-raised funds and adding NT$ 15 millions of donation from Scholarship of Zhuo-Zhang Zong Education Foundation to invest 30 million NT dollars to build sustainable, green and smart Vision Gallery next to Yun Meng Lake, which utilizes the functions of the lake and pools to design waterfront ecology, rainwater recovery, heat exchange system of lake and ground water, photovoltaic system, sun-chasing system, energy saving air conditioning, and energy monitoring system and etc. to serve as the demonstration platform for innovations of industry and academia.

●“Rotary Park”- Ecological Water Purification Area

Flowing water under bridge with bending roads seems to welcome the returns of students. Rotary Park, featured with both natural landscapes and southeast style, contains trails alongside the hills with sleepers between student dormitory regions and parking lots for motorcycles. Water purification works are conducted in the downstream of river connecting to Yun Meng Lake and here also formed a natural ecological region. In this region, the endless vitalities of Nature could be observed from the mutually dependent food chains, where is also a substantial natural education place.


水質淨化生態區 - 步道

●YunTech Cloud Tower - Multilevel ecology green regions

YunTech Cloud Tower, the landmark of the campus – 50-meter high and the viewing platform to overlook the urban areas and beautiful scenes with broaden visions. The surrounding grasslands, trials alongside rivers, and big square are good choices for students to spend their leisure time. The neighboring baseball field in forest areas is planned as the natural ecological forest areas for birds and insects and the Black bottom ditches areas for aquatic creatures. Students and residents in communities could further understand knowledge about natural ecology with recreational moods.



●Longtan Plaza-Green art district

Our school cooperated with the old street rebuilding program of Douliu City Office to modify the both sides of Longtan Rd. into artistic and humanities recreation center. The roads were broadened and parking shed as well as sleepers for flower beds were added. Big events could be held on Longtan Rd. after modification. The broadened roads also allow students and faculty to exhibit their works and could serve as activity spaces for throw up various arts activities. Longtan Recreation Square has become a green corridor for students, faculty, and people living nearby to participate in folklore, arts, and leisure activities, which promote the win-win strategy in the resource-sharing between school and communities.

龍潭休憩廣場Longtan Plaza

龍潭休憩廣場Longtan Plaza

●Time Capsule Area

The theme of the 20th anniversary of our school was “Make A Wish”; students, faculty, and international friends were invited to write down their dreams on cards and put them into time capsules. These capsules were sealed to commemorate the joyful moment. The prayer text of the principal is “Honestly keeping the new school motto as the foundations, deeply plowing the ethics and humanities of studying atmospheres, cultivating innovative and hardworking students to enter the first-class university”. 2000 cards written by students and faculty in the 20th anniversary of school was buried and predestinated to re-open the buried cards in the 40th anniversary to witness history.

時光膠囊區Time Capsule Area

時光膠囊區Time Capsule Area

4. Ecologically Friendly Environment

雲科生態園地 - 生態池

There are totally76 species of trees in campus and the amount of trees is more than 6,000. You can see squirrels and various birds anywhere in the campus. Lantana camara blooms along with lake trail. Professional faculty and teachers in both Department of Space Design and Department of Construction planned to flow the purified reclaimed water in the lakes with waterways to restore natural ecology. There are wetlands in the west side of water purification plant in campus. The southern side of the Stadium was subsidized 5.3 million NTDs to construct the ecological pool of Yun Meng Lake to increase the diversity of ecology in campus. The multi-layer ecological green areas in YunTech Cloud Tower: regions close to the forest areas of baseball field. The planned natural ecological forest regions and aquatic creatures in ditches increase students’ understanding about natural ecology.

Characteristic Landscapes: Japanese Flowering Cherry Park, Lotus Pond Park, Prairie area, Lakeside Trail, forest nature trail, Yellow Trumpetbush Trail, Hazel Sterculia Trail and Rotary Park Scenic Trail.

雲科生態園地 - 黑冠麻鷺

雲科生態園地 - 鴨子

雲夢湖畔 - 蜘蛛百合景觀步道區

5. GreenMetric Word University Rankings

In the operation perspective of campus, comprehensively construct clean and green campus with learning environments of humanities and environmental education. The area of the school place is about 58 hectares. The overall plan for the campus is consummated and there is always blooming flowers and green grass in every season. Our school has won energy-saving awards for many years consecutively and was ranked top 1/4 in the GreenMetric World University Rankings. The school has become well-known as a model green campus.

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