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Art Collection

1. Palace of Humanities

The 245 Pings of exhibition spaces in Art Center contain Creation Hall, Exhibition Hall, ZHANG JING Art Hall, CHOU YI-HSIUNG Sculpture Hall, International Art Museum, International Exchange Hall, Collection of Japanese ukiyo-e prints and special exhibition area for the largest compass in Golden World Records are open to people in communities to visit. There are also art collection works decorating the courtyard of Administration Building, which shows the artistic campus with integration of both “humanities arts” and “modern technology”.


藝術典藏 / 越南漁港 / 油畫

駐校藝術家 / 唐永立大師 / 現場揮毫

New Construction

1. Reengineering green hall of schoolhouses

Establishment of sustainable campus with excellent environment and environmental protection ecology is the planned goals of our school. Coordinating with the geographical environments, each construction is required to merge with the natural environment as much as possible. Our campus is excellent, secure, warm, and leisurely with both humanities and science and technology qualities. In the early stage of establishment, our school has already set complete overall planning and principles under the guidance of campus planning committee to fulfill the development needs of school and effectively integrate various resources for the establishment of sustainable mechanisms, which ensures the sustainable campus environment for students and faculty.

Therefore, the promotion of water saving, electricity saving, green power and the establishment of roof-type solar power generation system, new construction of engineering have been all included in the designs of green building, for example, Management Building 3 includes Daily Energy-Saving and Water Resource; Design Building 3 includes Energy-Saving, Water Resource, Indoor Environment and Sewage and Garbage Improvement; Engineering Teaching Building obtained green building badge of Greenery, Rainwater Conservation, Daily Energy-Saving, Water Resource and Sewage and Garbage Improvement. For more funding, our school applied for subsidy to Building Research Institute of Ministry of the Interior and was successfully subsidized 5.3 million NTDs to constructs the ecological pool of Yun Meng Lake and recycling reclaimed water.

YunTech IER Building has already obtained Diamond-Level Green Building Candidate Certificate (includes 9 indexes of Biological Diversity, Greenery, Daily Energy-Saving, Indoor Environment, Water Resource, Sewage and Garbage Improvement, Rainwater Conservation, Waste Reduction and CO2 Reduction) and the qualification for certificate as candidate of smart building, which makes our campus become green campus with both environmental protection and energy saving concepts. Public construction will be promoted under the guidelines of environmental and ecological protection. Merging in the concepts and approaches of green building, the design ideas for sustainable development could be implemented.

2. Safe and high quality environment

a. Construction of Barrier-free Campus Environment

To implement friendly campus and accessible facilities, our school actively promotes the investigation works about gender spaces in campus. Forum about the gender spaces and accessible spaces were held and representatives of faculty, volunteer counselor teachers, and members from gender equality committee were invited to review the gender and accessible spaces in the campus. In addition to review the improvement situations for the suggestions proposed last academic year, the forum also continued to review the friendly level of campus spaces. Improvements were actively conducted according to the reviews for constructing friendly campus.

b. Provision of Learning Environment

In response to the demands of teaching and school affairs in the campus, new excellent buildings has been built continuously to provide good learning spaces.

Future Perspectives

1. Upgrade to green and smart environmental protection concepts

To continuously elevate the level of campus intelligence and construct sustainable excellent environment complying with the requirement of environmental ecology, Yun Tech has already planned new energy-saving strategies and smart monitoring system in the future to establish campus intelligence and form institutionalized management. Currently, our school actively applied for the “Demonstration Plans for Sustainable Innovation and Implementation of Smart Community” to Ministry of the Interior (Architecture and Building Research Institute) and already obtained subsidy. In the future, our school will integrate the subsidy with self-financing budget and 4 perspectives of energy saving and carbon reduction, safety monitoring, intelligent traffic and health and comfort to comprehensively integrate the functions so as to form smart management and provide a comfortable, energy-saving, convenient and safe environment.

The four perspectives for “Demonstration Plans for Sustainable Innovation and Implementation of Smart Community” that school will apply for in the future includes:

a. Energy saving and carbon reduction:

Smart load management, smart grid, smart monitoring with renewable energy, intelligence management with sustainable water resources optimal intelligence management for smart energy-saving in power supply in classes and public equipment.

b. Safety monitoring:

Smart fire warning system, emergency system, smart campus monitoring, security monitoring for potential flood areas, earthquake monitoring system and information platform showing dormitory information for both students in campus and out of campus.

c. Health and comfort:

Air quality improvement system, real-time monitoring system of PM2.5 and related equipment.

d. Intelligent traffic:

Vehicle access control system, smart immediate displaying system for spaces in parking lots, monitoring system for the immediate traffic dynamics of school buses and garbage trucks, intelligence platform for carpool traffic

Energy saving and carbon reduction

Establish “Energy-Saving and Resource Management System” to complete the loading management of electricity uses and water use monitoring so as to effectively save the costs of electricity and the substantial electricity uses. Save water use and decrease leakage of water to lower water fees. After monitoring the electricity and water uses for certain time period and recording the big data, professional analyses on these data could provide references for YunTech to stipulate management policies for saving electricity and water. Through the open database and energy billboards, students and faculty could fully understand the existing situation of energy uses in campus. The management of each energy-saving item (such as policy of uninstallation and switch-off of air conditioning in separate time period and region) discloses the monitoring data of water and electricity uses to let participants know the effectiveness for saving water and electricity, which largely elevates the willingness to follow the policies.

Safe monitoring

“Safe Monitoring System” constructs secure campus environment to provide students and faculty with assured spaces for learning and researches. Integrate the existing mechanical and electrical equipment system to broaden the coverage. Improve the remote and potentially dangerous areas by setting warning lights and sounds. Take advantage of IP-cam to elevate the quality of photography and electronic protection functions and deter the potential crimes. This could also reduce the burden of guards in campus. Establishment of environmental safety monitoring system collecting environmental information such as the fire alarm network system, alarm monitoring of floods in low-lying areas in campus, earthquake monitoring can provide immediate information for personnel responsible for environment, health, and safety affairs. This ensures the professional personnel could rapidly control the existing situation and accelerate the procedures for processing hazards. Open information revealed to students and faculty help them to understand the existing situation of campus and make them become part of the campus community.

Intelligent transportation

“Intelligent Transportation System” improves the manual management for the access of vehicles in campus via using e-tag to identify the vehicles entering and exiting the campus and strengthen the control and management for vehicle accesses. The induction coils for the accesses of vehicles were designed under the parking lot space planning project. Current vacancy in parking lots will be shown in cooperation with the development of smart parking aid APP of YunTech. Students and faculty can use handheld mobile devices to instantly know where can find empty parking spaces and decrease the time used for finding parking space as well as oil consumption. To elevate the transportation efficiency of school buses, GPS positioning devices were installed on the school buses for students and faculty to use handheld mobile devices to know the routes and reaching time of school buses. This is the development for the APP of car-pool platform for vehicles in life cycle.

Health and comfort

The first stage of “Health and Comfort Management System” for the utilization of space quality monitoring provides the immediate data about PM2.5 for air quality in large spaces indoor and spaces outside campus. The air quality indoor will be digitized and immediately showed. Establishment of database provides the references and directions for the improvement of air quality. The second stage is to partition the indoor spaces to undergo improvement (such as using full heat exchanger, fresh air blowers, and etc.) in cooperation with air filter devices to get rid of hazardous materials and lower the concentration of carbon dioxides and improve the relative humidity indoor. This can provide comfortable learning and exercise spaces for students and faculty to increase learning effectiveness.

2. Innovative engineering of smart green buildings

a. To fulfill the demands of each school affair, our school usually needs to closely cooperate with each unit to handle various new constructions. Since it is always stipulated to complete all works in time under the circumstances of limited human resources and time, modern smart information technology should be applied in the progress of engineering to ensure the quality and time scheduling of significant works.

b. The IER Building already applied BIM (Building Information Modeling) to control the building structures and conflicting points of each pipeline in advance. The corresponding solution to the adjustment of pipeline elevation, discharge slope, or etc. was also handled before practices. The related figures could serve as references for the repairs in the future to lower the maintenances costs. In addition, the establishment of CCTV can help to control the construction sites in the construction processes, which allows school to control the issues and situations on construction sites immediately and lower the loads of personnel.

c. Through innovative control and management, all the significant works a(IER Building) all reached the targets and completed as scheduled.

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